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Re: Aspartame Warning

Jul 13, 1996 04:02 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>"NeutraPoison"?  Doss, I don't doubt your motives for posting someone else's
>propaganda, but when they use terms like "NeutraPoison" and "grand mal
>seizures of pilots in aircraft cabins," it makes me wonder about their
>objectivity.. . 

I wonder about their objectives.  

Thanks for the informative post, Jim.  Over the years I've seen many food and
drug scares that seemed to do little but sell books.  I remember back in the
70's when sugar was looked upon with as much suspicion as aspartame.  Many
chemicals in our environment have been accused of causing much of humanity's
ills, but let's face it, millions of people got sick and died before anyone ever
dreamed of these chemicals.  They died . . . the old-fashioned way.  From the
plague, cholera, childhood diseases, childbirth, pneumonia, sword wounds,
infections, torture, guillotine, etc.

Drugs and chemicals need testing and regulation, but even so it's a dicey deal.
Many people, including myself, are so allergic to penicillin that one shot would
kill us.  But many others have been cured and saved by the antibiotic.  Every
drug has it's up and down side.  Just like life, we take a risk everytime we

Just my 2 cents worth.

- Ann E. Bermingham  

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