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More on the Energy (update)

Jul 13, 1996 07:44 AM
by Shaman

Hi All...

Since the list is kind of slow, I thought I'd give an update on the
"energy" and what's been happening. 

Last night, I decided to deliberately contact it again. It came around
and one of the signs of it being around was an intense warmness -- like
a mass of energy that was on my right side.... almost as though it
was sitting next to me or something. It has never been that concentrated
before. I was able to put my hand "into" it and my hand and arm up to
the elbow got *very* warm -- nearly uncomfortable but bearable. It
was sort of tingly when I put my arm back in its usual position. 

I asked it what it wanted from me -- and this time it was very clear. 
It was almost a thought transferrance type thing which I could tell
I wasn't creating because the use of "language" was so different
than my own. 

The general impression I got is that it has come around because it
"feels" like I am open to it, that I will be receptive to it. 

I went on a bit further with it...and got even more information. It
used the term "genius loci" which is something I was not familiar
with before. I looked it up in the dictionary and discovered that it
means "a spirit that watches over a place." I find it significant
that I didn't know the term before. 

I am still not *really* clear on what I can do to help this "thing" --
this "energy" -- but I am open to finding out and possibly even
"doing" "it" -- whatever "it" is. The energy isn't desperate or
clingy...just trying to communicate. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone -- or is it just more evidence
that I should be staying off the aspertame? 

-- -- 
Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "I strive to be the person
                                                my dog thinks I am."

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