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Re: More on the Energy (update)

Jul 13, 1996 08:04 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

It is very interesting. When the energy is near you, have you tried to 
see if you told it to go away it went away. The reason I am inquiring 
about this specific aspect is that from what I have read, it is very 
important that you are in total control and at will can ask the energy to 
go away.

MK Ramadoss

On Sat, 13 Jul 1996, Shaman wrote:

> Hi All...
> Since the list is kind of slow, I thought I'd give an update on the
> "energy" and what's been happening. 
> Last night, I decided to deliberately contact it again. It came around
> and one of the signs of it being around was an intense warmness -- like
> a mass of energy that was on my right side.... almost as though it
> was sitting next to me or something. It has never been that concentrated
> before. I was able to put my hand "into" it and my hand and arm up to
> the elbow got *very* warm -- nearly uncomfortable but bearable. It
> was sort of tingly when I put my arm back in its usual position. 
> I asked it what it wanted from me -- and this time it was very clear. 
> It was almost a thought transferrance type thing which I could tell
> I wasn't creating because the use of "language" was so different
> than my own. 
> The general impression I got is that it has come around because it
> "feels" like I am open to it, that I will be receptive to it. 
> I went on a bit further with it...and got even more information. It
> used the term "genius loci" which is something I was not familiar
> with before. I looked it up in the dictionary and discovered that it
> means "a spirit that watches over a place." I find it significant
> that I didn't know the term before. 
> I am still not *really* clear on what I can do to help this "thing" --
> this "energy" -- but I am open to finding out and possibly even
> "doing" "it" -- whatever "it" is. The energy isn't desperate or
> clingy...just trying to communicate. 
> Does this sound familiar to anyone -- or is it just more evidence
> that I should be staying off the aspertame? 
> bcs
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