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Re: Winning and losing

Jul 13, 1996 08:08 AM
by Shaman

..[MK Ramadoss writes]...

> I hope we continue to be open minded and keep discussions on the topic 
> and always remembering no one could be sure their understanding of the topic 
> is the only correct one. All of us can continue to discuss without fear of 
> being ridiculed so each one of us in her/his way can learn.

This is really right to the point. None of us comes to the planet with
all knowledge. If we achieved that, we would be ascended masters, right? 

I am really concerned about the whole binary style of thought that
indicates that we must "lose" or "win." Somehow, I just don't see
Enlightenment as a competitive process. It is very personal
and individual. "Winning" and "losing" are both illusory concepts, 
created by us in order to somehow validate our own being. It's a lie. 

If someone reads one of my posts and thinks "well, I am more enlightened
than BC," or if I read a post by, say, Bee Brown and say to myself, "I
am more enlightened than Bee Brown," it is the worse kind of lie. I
come here with my lessons and she with hers. There is no comparison. If
we compare ourselves to each other, then we only do more to separate
ourselves and deny our Oneness. 

> When discussions lead to personal attacks, ultimately it is likely that 
> the attacker end up talking to himself/herself.

One should hope so. It occurs to me that when writing something to
a spiritually-oriented list, it is best to leave one's ego in the
kitchen. It doesn't have much place here. 

-- -- 
Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "I strive to be the person
                                                my dog thinks I am."

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