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Quoting Messages

Jul 12, 1996 12:14 PM
by Shaman

Hi All...

The list seems pretty quiet I thought this would be a good
opportunity to bring up something for discussion that we could perhaps
make an agreement about. 

I've noticed that this (and other mailing lists I am on) are very
adept at using these text editors and so on. I don't know about
the rest of you all but I really don't need to see the entire
text of a message in order to have a sense of what the person is
reponding to. Maybe it's just a personal quirk but I find it 
very difficult to stay really open-minded to what someone has
to say when I have to sift through quoting that goes three
and four messages deep. I am asking, with all respect, that we
make an agreement to be a bit more careful with that. 

I don't write this to be critical or nasty-natured. It's just
something that I've noticed others mentioning, too, including
a new person, so I thought it was worth mentioning. 

Thanks! :-)

-- -- 
Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "I strive to be the person
                                                my dog thinks I am."

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