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Re: Win/win=theosophical?

Jul 12, 1996 12:24 PM
by RIhle

>Paul Johnson writes>
>If discourse is to be theosophical, that is to be informed by
>the spirit of divine wisdom, it must be distinguished by a
>bedrock mutual respect for one another as spiritual pilgrims.
>That requires a recognition of the fragility of what any of us
>calls "my knowledge" and an appreciation for the many levels of
>meaning at which any proposition may be either true or false.
>Communicating with subtlety and depth requires a willingness to
>go beyond a win/lose paradigm to a win/win model which allows
>us to learn even from those with whom we disagree.  

Richard Ihle writes>
In my opinion, the foregoing paragraph was one of the best ever to appear on
theos-l or anywhere else, for that matter.  I especially liked the way Paul
put this little segment:  "If discourse is to be theosophical, that is to be
informed by the spirit of divine wisdom, . . ."

Oh, yes . . . that ~is~ the crucial difference between the conventional
things we can or do know and the ~theosophical things~, isn't it?

~theosophical~:  "informed by the spirit of divine wisdom."  Oh, yes . . . I
~will~ be stealing this and trying to pass it off as my own. . . .  Good
work, Paul!


Richard Ihle 

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