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Re: Information Wanted

Jun 26, 1996 12:01 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 06:10 AM 6/26/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Alexis
>Thanks for your message.  I think the imagination of
>the Theosophical Society in England is limited solely
>to abstruse intellectual games, completely out of touch
>with the REAL world.

Michael: I am afraid that's true of "Official Theosophy" wherever it exists.
The TSA is into abstruse intellectual and political games as well. Our
problem is the "Esoteric Section", is that true in England as well? Here it
would seem (and Adyar's actions seem to back the idea up) that the E.S.
want's to drive all those of us who are not members of it away. Sad.
>As for the Gulf magazine - it is certainly not going to
>be aimed at the Islamic community, but at the ex-patriot
>community of American and European origin, who are extremely
>interested in esoteric teachings.

I assume there are a great many ex patriots in the Gulf States..the profit
motivation is very strong. I have had friends who had the experience, it's
not all that pleasant I understand.
>I have been working out there now - off and on - for over a year
>running lectures, courses and workshops, and there is a real
>need for sound teaching - as opposed to New Age gimmickry - not
>that I'm knocking all New Age thinking (how could I?) but people
>seem to jump onto any new manifestation e.g. aromatherapy,
>rebirthing, Reiki etc, without necessarily understanding the
>Universal Laws i.e. reincarnation, karma, seven principles etc.

Well that's just as true here in California.
>There are some Arabs who have been educated in England and USA
>who are interested in the subjects also, but obviously we will
>have to be careful about what is in the magazine.

I should imagine so, there isn't a free press in that area is there?
>Most of the ex-pat population travel widely they are anxious to
>know what events are taking place in other parts of the world so
>they can participate when they arrive.  Hence my request for

There are a number of magazines that specialize in New Age activities and
they have far more to report than any Theosophical Group. If you like, and
don't already have it, I can send you a list.
>With all best wishes - Michael
>22 Prices Lane
>York YO2 1AL
>Tel:01904 670203

Best wishes

alexis dolgorukii>

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