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Re: Information Wanted

Jun 27, 1996 06:57 AM

Dear Alexis

The Esoteric Section in England is a bit of a joke -
apart from the fact that they have considerable assets.

Recently we had a new "Secretary" for the esoteric section
who discovered that a good many of the names on her list were
of people who were actually dead!  Still, perhaps being in the
esoteric section means they can communicate with the dead!
She is now conducting a recruiting drive - would you believe -
as they existing membership appears to have an average age of

Mind you, the same can be said of the TS itself, here in England,
particularly the administration - where two members on the
Executive Council of 15 are over eighty.  It is the administration
here in England which is rigid and concerned with political
shenanigans, stifling the spiritual growth of the society.

The same is not true of many of the lodges, scattered throughout
the country.  Some of them are very lively indeed and have a
much younger membership.  Many of them are talking about becoming
independent groups rather than part of the whole TS in England.
This may be just talk, and it may change when a new General
Secretary is elected next year - depends who it is.

That is, if there is a TS in England next year.  The present
administration have almost bankrupted the TS with their
incompetence. The trouble is most of them have no knowledge of
business or finance and they have continually made the wrong
decisions with their investments.  The other problem they have
inherited - not their fault - is an unwieldy headquarters building
which is expensive to run, and difficult to sell, and costs them
far more than they collect in membership dues each year.
They also have a white elephant of a country estate, dearly loved by
the elderly members who live there, but making a steady loss
every year.  At the moment this is covered by the investments
but the question is for how long?

I know this is not confidential information.  It is available to
all members over here if they wish to look for it.  However, I
had first had experience of all this because for two years I was
National Treasurer.  I got out because of the political in-fighting
and the lust for power.  I now run an independent group here in

I still care about theosphy (with a small "t") and spend a
considerable amount of my time lecturing to lodges and groups
throughout Britain.

As for the magazines - I already have from the States, Gnosis, Quest,
and publications from Pasadena and Point Loma.  If you know of any
others I would be grateful for names and addresses.
In England I have Kindred Spirit, Prediction etc.

Best wishes - Michael

22 Prices Lane
York YO2 1AL

Tel:01904 670203

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