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Re: In praise of Joy

Jun 26, 1996 12:11 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 09:25 AM 6/26/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I must add my mite here.  ES or no ES, and regardless of what
>others may have experienced, my own experience is that Joy
>Mills and Stephan Hoeller are the only "eminent Theosophists"
>in the TSA who have publicly shown interest and a certain amount of sympathy,
>rather than disdain or indifference, to the investigations reported in my
>books.  Of course my appreciation is an entirely personal
>matter, but I think this says something about their commitment
>to "No religion higher than truth" and I am forever grateful
>for their kindnesses.

Now as you know I dearly love Stephan Hoeller, and have for many years. But
certainly I have never seen anything positive or sympathetic in Joy Mills.
Mostly she acts like she did with both JRC and myself. Of course she was
nice to Richard Ihle, after all he and his wife were "sitting at her feet",
totally overawed by the honor of her presence in their messy little home.
Anyone can be ice in such circumstances. I must admit that I am somewhat
astonished that she showed interest and sympathy with your books. I'd have
thought she'd have gone the way of John Algeo and company.


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