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Re: Joy Mills and I

Jun 26, 1996 12:19 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 01:38 PM 6/26/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Under the circumstances I would never ask you to retract anything.  I merely
>point out that my experience has been different.
>Clearly her behavior towards you has been unpardonable and she should be
>thoroughly ashamed of herself.

I honestly don't feel that woman is capable of shame. If she was she
wouldn't act the way she does. I'd be terribly suprised to learn that JRC
and I are the only victims of her disdain and contempt for others. I'd love
to know the details of the "deal' she made with Radha when she resigned as
International Vice President and "got" Krotona as a "consolation prize".

You say your "experience of her has been different".....but have you ever
"crossed her"? JRC and I obviously "crossed her" in the same way, we were
trying to get theosophy to reach out to a wider audience.....and she won't
countenance anything other than her "tourists and pilgrims" nonsense.

Somehow it seems tome that if one gains something from theosophy, and feels
it's valuable, one would desire to share it widely and not keep it limited
to a few.


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