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Re: Activities of Theosophists/TS in Early Days

Jun 26, 1996 11:36 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 02:52 AM 6/26/96 -0400, you wrote:

>Writing, lecturing, meeting, meditating, publishing etc are creditable
>activities. But something more than that may be help TS.
>While I am not privy to any of the thinking of the General Council on
>these matters over the several decades, it would be very interesting to
>know if there was a deliberate plan for the TS to get less and less
>involved with the public at large.
>This is just loud thinking and would like to brainstorm.
>    Peace to all living beings.
>    M K Ramadoss

 From my point-of-view everything you wrote above is absolutely true. The
Society was once of great use in the world. I have no idea why the Society
chose to disengage from actual work benefiting humanity. It can't all be due
to embarrassment at the Krishnamurti debacle because that was far too long
ago to really matter today. This would surely be a good "thread". It's a
shame that no one with any position in the society uses the internet.



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