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Dynamic groups ....

Jun 26, 1996 11:47 AM
by Alan

In message <>, "liesel f.
deutsch" <> writes
>I don't think
>that one person doing everything is conducive to having a dynamic group.
>When you prepapre a talk, you learn, when you participate in a group your
>interest awakens more. My pap feeding the rest of them isn't my idea of what
>should be. It doesn't work in the long run

I think you are right.  It may be that the decline of the T.S. is in
part, at least, due to its members being spoon-fed in their Lodges.  So
many seem to offer nothing more than a) Lecturers telling you what it is
all about, and b) Group leaders telling you what it is all about.

Here and there, no doubt, there may be some groups working *as groups*
to share in the gathering and use of experience, but I have not seen
much of it.  Groups of this kind are non-hierarchical, and do not offer
much food for ego-trippers.

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