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To:Bee Re: TOurists & PIlgrims

Jun 25, 1996 05:07 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

I still come back to what I first said. It makes sense to me that you have
programs for both. The Pilgrim needs to seriously study. The Tourist needs
to find something which will perhaps attract him to serious study. I agree
with Bee's idea that not everyone will be advancing and/or working at the
same level, since we're all different. So you need programs to appeal to a
variety of people.
I do however feel I need to justify closing up my study group. I don't think
that one person doing everything is conducive to having a dynamic group.
When you prepapre a talk, you learn, when you participate in a group your
interest awakens more. My pap feeding the rest of them isn't my idea of what
should be. It doesn't work in the long run.


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