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Activities of Theosophists/TS in Early Days

Jun 25, 1996 11:17 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

Any one who reads Old Dairy Leaves and other historical material relating
to the early days of TS and the Founders, will find that in addition to
their activities of propagating Theosophy, they were involved in
activities that help the common people. As soon as the HQ was moved to
Madras, HPB was instrumental in starting two schools to teach Sanskrit.
Olcott setup the first Panchama School near Adyar to educate the children
of the untouchable class who lived in slums. Later on HSO was active in
reviving Buddhism in Ceylon as well as starting a net work of Buddhist
Schools. In the days of Annie Besant, she was involved in many activities
in India. Apart from her political activities for self rule for India,
she was responsible for setting up the High School in Benares which later
became Benares University. In addition she was instrumental in getting a
network of schools started all over India to educate the youth of India.
She also started the Indian Scout Movement (and was the first
Commissioner) when the then Scout Movement would not admit the natives.
The next major activity that needs to be mentioned is the revival of
Indian Dance by Rukmini Arundale and her enormous effort to prevent
cruelty to animals. It is these kinds of practical application of
Theosophical Principles to the needs of the people that attracted many
people to Theosophy and TS. Some became members and some did not. Even
those who did not formally join, did benefit from their exposure to
Theosophy and such exposure got reflected in the good many of these
people did to their fellow humans.

I am wondering why, the TS leaders who followed the above, did not think
it either necessary or important to be active in activities directly
affecting the fellow humans. While TS does not get officially involved
in any of the above activities, the leading members did get involved in
their personal capacity setting an example to other members of TS.

Writing, lecturing, meeting, meditating, publishing etc are creditable
activities. But something more than that may be help TS.

While I am not privy to any of the thinking of the General Council on
these matters over the several decades, it would be very interesting to
know if there was a deliberate plan for the TS to get less and less
involved with the public at large.

This is just loud thinking and would like to brainstorm.

    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss

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