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Internet and Theosophy/TS

Jun 25, 1996 10:53 PM
by MK Ramadoss

I read with great interest the accounts of incidents that Alexis and JRC. No
matter what one thinks or how one interprets them, the basic fact is that
they are true facts and are of interest to some of us who are interested in
TS and Theosophy.

Once again, we are seeing the power of Internet. Theos-l has provided us
with an medium for all of us to exchange information and such flow of
information is not practical with the outmoded print medium, not to mention
about the control over what gets in the print medium and what does not.

It is also very interesting to note that none of the present or past elected
officials are to be seen nowhere in any of these theos lists. One wonders
why?  Internet newsgroups and maillists can be ignored. They are not going
to go away.

Let us hope and pray that the official establishment jumps on the bandwagon
and makes the best use of the newsgroups and maillists for the cause of
Theosophy and TS. I wish HPB were here to engage all of us in the most
brilliant manner like what she did with the print medium of her day.

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