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Joy Mills and I

Jun 25, 1996 07:30 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

In the last day or so, I, reacting to seeing Joy Mills up to her old tricks
("Tourists and Pilgrims") responded by saying something about her that so
far two of you have taken exception to. Well, I have a story to tell you
all, and you'll see why it's probably odd I said nothing worse. I have
nothing but contempt for the woman but she richly earned it.

This began back in 1973 when the Convention of California Sections of the
TSA was being held in San Francisco. I was, at the time, Vice President of
the San Francisco Lodge and Vice President of the Northern California
Federation of the TSA. We all got together to make it the very best possible
gathering. The group wanted to do something that would draw public attention
to the convention and the society, and so as we all felt that it would be
consonant with the "Three Objects" I was appointed (along with my partner)
to create a public event to celebrate spiritual diversity. What we came up
with was "The Science and Spirit Exposition". We rented "The Palace of Fine
Arts" in San Francisco and invited speakers on topics related to the "three
objects" from not only California but all over the world. We also invited
organizations whose work was obviously "Three Objects" related to
participate in booths. We requested that Joy Mills who was going to be
present for the convention anyway speak to the general public, and we also
requested a sheaf of membership applications for people who were interested
by the event and drawn to the organization which sponsored it.

Well you'd have thought we'd asked her to dance naked in the park! I still
am astonished at the incredible stream of anger and vituperation which
descended on our heads. The first thing that happened was Joy Mills
absolutely refused (very impolitely) to speak to the public. Our request for
membership applications was scornfully dismissed on the grounds that we
"obviously" had no idea what Theosophy was all about" and we were dismissed
as some kind of fools. We were ordered to accept the fact that The Northern
California Federation could not sponsor the event. We were also told to
cancel it. We refused to do so because we,personally had already spent a lot
of money on the event. My Partner and I were subjected to a campaign of
calumny and slander orchestrated by Joy Mills and her friends in the E.S. We
were accused of all sorts of imaginary intended crimes, we were accused of
plotting to "take the money and run" and then in the next breath, we were
accused of being a pair of incompetents who were going to lose out shirts
and everyone else's. Members were sent "scare letters" with these an other
accusations. and the Northern Federation reluctantly withdrew it's support.

Nonetheless, some of the local members and my Partner John Wise and I
sponsored the event, and it was an enormous success. The convention was a
total flop because most of the people who would have gone to it came to our
event. This was not anything we planned because it was planned to be part of
the Convention and not competitive to it. However, after Joy and associates
got through with us we had an existing event that could only go on as
planned, and, of course it competed with the Society's convention. It made a
hefty profit which would have gone to the society but instead went to put on
another exposition in the south Bay.

They weren't finished with me though. Shortly thereafter I ran for President
of the Northern California Federation and once again the E.S. embarked on a
campaign of slander and innuendo, this time based upon my "unacceptable
life-style". John and I resigned from the Society and many other people did too.

And that my friends is why I called Joy Mills an "arrogant bitch". I don't
retract it.

alexis dolgorukii

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