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Re: Blavatsky's Prophecy and Krishnamurti

Jun 20, 1996 09:46 PM
by ramadoss

At 05:51 PM 6/20/96 -0400, Alexis wrote:
>A message with this title has appeared both on "theos-list" and "alt.
>theosophy" several times lately so I would assume everyone who is interested
>in the subject has read it and I shan't re-print it.
>With all due respect and affection for Mr. Ramadoss. It is clear to me (at
>least) that his enormous affection and admiration of Krishnamurti has
>blinded him completely and he hasn't allowed reality to intrude on his
>enthusiasms. There is simply no possible way in which Mr. Krishnamurti, no
>matter how one may view him, can be seen to fulfill Blavatsky's prophesies.

When I posted the quote from HPB in Key to Theosophy, I commented on the
following possibilities:

1. HPB was wrong in expecting the Messenger in last quarter of this century.
If this is true then there is no need to for any discussion.

2. If HPB was right in her expectation that a Messenger will come in the
last quarter of this century, based on what she stated, it appears that JK's
role seems to fit. As for timing, even though he made his famous "Truth is a
Pathless Land" statement and that Truth cannot be put in a box in twenties,
his was very active in sixties onwards. Much of the current publications and
videos and audios were published after this time. Again there is the
possibility that the last quarter of the century may not be a rigidly fixed
point in time. So it could be little earlier or little later. With all due
respects to Mr. dolgorukii's reasoning, I think if JK had made a
pronouncement that he is the Messaiah, it is quite possible that instead of
crucifiction, some crazy person might have shot him dead.

If HPB was right in her statement, I am yet to find another person who fits
the description that she gave in the Key to Theosophy. If someone knows of
another person who fits HPB's prediction, then we should look into it. There
is yet another possibility. May be the timing of the coming of the Messenger
may still take place before the end of this century.

So in these matters no one can be 100% certain. Only we can speculate.
******** Peace to all living beings*****************

         M K Ramadoss

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