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Jun 20, 1996 11:18 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

I have long been wondering how Annie Besant, the friend (Mistress for 12
years) of George Bernard Shaw, co-founder of the Fenian socialist Movement,
and famous Liberal, became associated with Julius D'Evola who was a very
High Ranking Fascist, a close associate of Rene Guenon who was a principle
enemy of the theosophical movement, and like so many other people associated
with Guenon, a homosexual, and like many of his associates deeply involved
in anti-altruistic magic. I think Besant was a dupe, an innocent dupe.

There's a name which turns up with amazing frequency in the biographies of
many important members of the Thule Group and The Nazi Party. That name is
Theodore Reuss, who founded the so-called "Order of Illuminatii" (though it
had no connection whatsoever with the original which was founded by Adam
Weishaupt in 1776), Reuss was also one of the founders of the Egyptian Rite
(probably spurious) Masonic Orders which eventually merged into the OTO. We
already know that Reuss was associated with Franz Hartmann and Rudolf
Steiner but now I find there was another OTO connection. Both Bishops James
Wedgewood and George Arundale were members of the faction of the OTO
connected with the Saturnian Order and regularly engaged in sexual magic.
They were the people who connected Besant with Evola.

Now, at the same time, there was a man named Vyvyan Deacon, who was a
spiritualist medium and a descendent of Robert Browning the Poet.He was
associated with CWL in the early days of CWL's psychic career, Deacon was
also the head of the OTO in australia when Leadbeater was in residence there
and had a "retreat house" outside of sydney near where Leadbeater also had a
summer residence. Vyvyan Deacon and James Wedgewood were the links joining
Leadbeater with the history of sexual magic in the West. Deacon was a member
of the T.S., the E.S., the order of the Star, and The Old Catholic Church
(which became the LCC).

This is a mass of connected and very curious information. It will, as I said
earlier take me a long time to "make sense" out of it. But I do think there
are connections established which should never have happened. I started this
because I was utterly horrified by any implication of a connection between
Theosophy and Nazism/Fascism as I bear a tremendous animus against those
organizations and the people in them. When the Allied Armies entered the
Concentration Camps at the end of World War II, my Father was with them,
and, fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, I was with him. I was
10 years old. I will never in this life forgive the Nazis/Fascists for what
I saw there.

I certainly can't say that a connection has been proved without any doubt,
but I also cannot say that the connection can be disproved without a doubt.

There is a real "mystery" here and I intend to get to the bottom of it.

alexis dolgorukii

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