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Re: Adyar/TSA -- Bad Karma

Jun 20, 1996 11:30 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 08:38 PM 6/20/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I can't see any group that enjoys the exercise of power doing such
>things voluntarily.  The phase of which you speak hasn't come cheap, has
>it?  There has been a lot of fighting and killing, and the phase is only
>yet in its infancy, IMO.
>Ancient Wisdom for a New Age
>That Alan, is sadly all too true. No, it hasn't come cheaply and I fear it
won't come cheaply in this instance either. I have made a prediction if this
regard and this is it: The political systems on this planet, will, for the
most part,break down into various ethnic and regional segments. These
breakdowns will be empowered by age-old resentments and malignant
nationalism and ethnism. We see this in connection with Wales, Scotland and
cornwall in your country, in Bavaria and Saxony in Germany, and in Normandy
and Brittany in France. In Italy it's North vs south, We've all seen the
catastrophe in the Balkans, and The Soviet Union has broken down into its
component parts. The United States will not be free of this phenomenon. It
is too far from homogeneous to be spared, and there are too many regional
and ethnic anxieties.

All major National entities came together as a result of conquest,
oppression, and coercion. The bonds that held them together are loosening,
and we shall have the careless birth of totally un viable National entities
(like Slovakia). In time these people will get over their resentments and
realize that survival is more important than either pride or hatred and a
synergistic phase will begin. But it will take time.

The same fragmenting impetus is occurring in organizations too.

alexis dolgorukii

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