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Re: Blavatsky's prophecy and Krishnamurti

Jun 22, 1996 02:13 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>If HPB was right in her statement, I am yet to find another
>person who fits the description that she gave in the Key to
>Theosophy. If someone knows of another person who fits HPB's
>prediction, then we should look into it. There is yet another
>possibility. May be the timing of the coming of the Messenger
>may still take place before the end of this century.
>So in these matters no one can be 100% certain. Only we can
>******** Peace to all living beings*****************
>         M K Ramadoss

HPB made several statements concerning "a messenger" in the last
quarter of the century.  In comparing them, I personally have
found no reason to assume that she meant a world teacher of the
type Krishnamurti was promoted to be, or even a specific
individual who would gain world recognition as such.  The
"messenger" could have been completely anonymous, and there is
certainly no indication that this "messenger" would be connected
with the TS.   Rather, she may not have meant an individual at
all.   It all depends upon the weight you want to give to the
different statements.  The "last quarter of the century" seems to
be the one consistent phrase in her various statements.  But if
you want to discount that in order to make Krishnamurti a
candidate, then you have opened the door to every so-called
spiritual teacher that has appeared this century both in and out
of the TS.

According to HPB's predictions, this "messenger" should have
appeared around 1975 and somehow have a Tibetan connection, since
the edict was supposed to have been made by Tsong Ka Pa.  Off the
top of my head, I would say that the present Dali Lama is the
best fit.  He fits the right time line, and his Tibetan
connection is obvious.  Since around 1975 he has been travelling
the world giving a spiritual message to the "white barbarians"
(as Tsong Ka Pa was supposed to have called us).


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