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Re: TSA/Adyar -- bad Karma

Jun 20, 1996 09:24 PM
by Bee Brown

> >I am still lurking around the fringe and now that the 'bad karma' has spread
> >to here too, I will stick my neck out again.
> >I agree with what Alan says to a point as there are a few of us who left
> >theos-l because of the lack of brotherhood in general.
> >I would like to ask how many of the unhappy dissidents are active members of
> >a Lodge?
> Well I was, but they kicked me off the committee illegally, and attempts
> were made to kick me out of the Lodge, but I transferred to "unattached"
> to avoid this before they got even nastier ...
> > From what I gathered not many. What make you think that the powers
> >that be are going to take any notice of all your fist shaking and finger
> >pointing?
> None at all - I have done exactly what was wanted of me!
> > It is easier to do that than to find a constructive alternative.
> >You have already established your presence on the Internet which Adyar etc
> >have not. What are you doing with it except squabble and turn off anyone who
> >may be looking for theosophy as a meaningful way of life. You have created TI
> >but I have not seen it used to give theosophy a real presence in cyberspace.
> A good point.  A recent attempt to get opinions re amending the TI
> "First Object" failed due to the low level of response .....

I wonder just how important it is to amend anything at this stage, perhaps
that is why you have had so little response. As I lay about in bed I thought
some thoughts to starve off sheer boredom. Firstly I reckon a cyber-committee
of about 6 should be elected and given the ok to discuss and organise an
elementary TS structure among themselves. As long as the list of com members
and their e-mail addresses are posted then the rest can contact someone to
find out anything that is worrying them before rushing into public debate
with it. The biggest problem facing any new venture is IMO nitpicking. If
this can be done in private consultation then it saves a lot of frustration
all around. I personally think that Alan should be overall co-ordinator
because someone has to see to it that the e-mails gets to the appropriate
person for a reply. It is important that everyone is replied to and their
concerns are addressed. They may not be solvable but at least they are not
Another idea would be for these com members to take a few names and e-mail
addresses of the lurkers and have a chat to them all and see what talents are
out there and what their interests are and maybe put them in touch with
someone who shares their interest. There should be more respect for
individual preferences so that people can feel able to discuss e.g Leadbeater
without getting negative comments directed at them by persons who do not like
 the discussion. Those persons should just ignore that particular thread and
join in ones that suit them. There was not really freedom of discussion
because there were invisible barriers set in place by the criticism directed
at no-no topics.
There are some of you with scanners who do a great job and much more could be
done in that area with a bit of co-ordination from a committee.
My server has not been able to get alt.theosophy for me yet but real
discussion on there may be a problem because all the nuts in the world seem
to love hassling anything alternative and some of them get plain crude about
it. I read the Tibetan Buddhist one and some of the headers are disgusting.
So just wait till alt. theosophy reaches the common newsgroup lists and see
if it can avoid some of that.
Just as well I have run out of energy for now.
Will have another nap and see what else arises.

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