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Re: TSA/Adyar -- bad Karma

Jun 20, 1996 05:35 PM
by Alan

In message <>, Bee Brown
<> writes
>Alan wrote:
>> We could start by agreeing to try to be polite to each other at all
>> times, not to employ personal pejorative remarks, even if the apparent
>> facts are unpalatable to us individually.  Where there is dispute, then
>> let those who bring up the dispute also bring up the *explained* reasons
>> for disputing whatever the question is.snip.........
>I am still lurking around the fringe and now that the 'bad karma' has spread
>to here too, I will stick my neck out again.
>I agree with what Alan says to a point as there are a few of us who left
>theos-l because of the lack of brotherhood in general.
>I would like to ask how many of the unhappy dissidents are active members of
>a Lodge?

Well I was, but they kicked me off the committee illegally, and attempts
were made to kick me out of the Lodge, but I transferred to "unattached"
to avoid this before they got even nastier ...

> From what I gathered not many. What make you think that the powers
>that be are going to take any notice of all your fist shaking and finger

None at all - I have done exactly what was wanted of me!

> It is easier to do that than to find a constructive alternative.
>You have already established your presence on the Internet which Adyar etc
>have not. What are you doing with it except squabble and turn off anyone who
>may be looking for theosophy as a meaningful way of life. You have created TI
>but I have not seen it used to give theosophy a real presence in cyberspace.

A good point.  A recent attempt to get opinions re amending the TI
"First Object" failed due to the low level of response .....
>We are lucky here in NZ that we have 14 Lodges and .... not all TS
happennings are negative ....

You are very lucky indeed - maybe the new impetus will come from NZ!

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