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Unveiled Isis

Jun 20, 1996 05:30 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>Could you give the references in gospels that prove that
>synoptics and John'gospel has a "decided discrepancy" about
>duration of Jesus'ministry? I couldn't find such discrepancy.

No.  I'm not a very strong student in the Bible.  Though we read
the Bible in our theosophical study groups, this question hasn't
come up.  Since HPB doesn't back up her statement with examples,
I suspect that it was a common and accepted notion among higher
criticism biblical scholars in her day.  Perhaps Alan Bain might
be aware of what this conclusion was based.

>So Pilate governed Judae during last ten years of emperor
>Tiberius, that governed during twenty-two years 14-37AD. As
>gospels says that Jesus was dead under Pilate, so he died before

As you get deeper into HPB, you will find that her ideas
concerning Jesus are quite radical from a Christian point of
view.  In ISIS UNVEILED, she makes a distinction between the
biblical, the theological, and the historical Jesus.  Unless, you
keep this in mind, it is very easy to become confused as to which
Jesus she is talking about.  HPB's historical Jesus lived about
100 years earlier than the Biblical Jesus, and did not know
Pilate or John the Baptist.  Her biblical Jesus is built from
traditions and revelations of early Christian communities not
contemporary to Jesus.  In other words, she would say that the
books "according to" Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were not
written by the above named people, nor are they their real
testimony.  The theological Jesus, of course is the one the
churches have evolved over the centuries.  HPB's evidence is
compelling enough to create doubt among non-religious biblical
scholars, but as she readily admits, is far from conclusive.  You
may already be aware that the oldest New Testament documents are
the Letters of Paul, not the Gospels.  HPB leans heavily on
Paul's accounts (while warning about interpolations), as well as
accounts from Jewish and certain Gnostic sources.


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