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Re: TSA bad karma

Jun 20, 1996 05:29 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>In message <>, Jerry
><> writes
>>2. The complete dissociation of the TS from the Liberal
>>Catholic Church and Co-Masonry.  The relationship of the TS to
>>these organizations should be put on the same bases that we
>>have with any other religion or fraternal organization.

>Jerry - I dunno about the US, but in the UK the link between
>these three is tenuous to say the least.  As a "lapsed" co-mason
>I know that in my own CM lodge only 2 others were also members
>of the TS, and only one was active.  In the LCC in this country,
>some clergy are also members of the other two, but the TS does
>not seem to take any notice of their non-TS affiliations in any
>relevant ways.
>Neither the LCC not the Co-masons here seem to take any notice
>of the TS whatsoever - they have in effect become separate

Alan,  you are right, the LCC and Co-Masonry have their own
membership and the link is "tenuous."   However, on another
level, because of AB's and CWL's roles in establishing them, the
ES, ER, LCC and Co-Masonry affiliations still form the route
through which one moves to the inner circle of the TS.  This is
why I asked for the dissolution of the first two and the genuine
dissociation of the TS from second two.  The "tenuous" link of
the LCC and Co-Masonry to the TS is in another sense far from
tenuous.  I fear that the dissolution of the ES and ER might not
be enough, because the other two organizations form a part of
that (IMO) pseudo-esoteric structure that is supposed to bring
the elect into the work of the "inner government."  Unless the
dissociation is genuine, the LCC and Co-masonry organizations
have the potential of remaining as part of this inner circle
structure.  I say, if we are going to dump the neo-theosophical
(IMO) nonsense, then let's make a clean break of it.

To better make my point concerning this no-so-tenuous-connection;
did you know that the Co-Masonic Headquarters in Larkspur
Colorado are currently involved in a legal suit with the TS?  To
better make my point, I might ask the question:  Do you think it
a mere coincidence that Joy Mills and Radha Burnier have come to
the United States just as this legal suit was scheduled to go to


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