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Re: TSA/Adyar -- bad Karma

Jun 19, 1996 02:47 PM
by Bee Brown

Alan wrote:
> In message <>, "John E. Mead"
> <> writes
> >what can we do to resolve our differences in this very local medium?
> >
> >
> >peace -
> >
> >john e. mead
> We could start by agreeing to try to be polite to each other at all
> times, not to employ personal pejorative remarks, even if the apparent
> facts are unpalatable to us individually.  Where there is dispute, then
> let those who bring up the dispute also bring up the *explained* reasons
> for disputing whatever the question is.snip.........
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I am still lurking around the fringe and now that the 'bad karma' has spread
to here too, I will stick my neck out again.
I agree with what Alan says to a point as there are a few of us who left
theos-l because of the lack of brotherhood in general.
I would like to ask how many of the unhappy dissidents are active members of
a Lodge? From what I gathered not many. What make you think that the powers
that be are going to take any notice of all your fist shaking and finger
pointing? It is easier to do that than to find a constructive alternative.
You have already established your presence on the Internet which Adyar etc
have not. What are you doing with it except squabble and turn off anyone who
may be looking for theosophy as a meaningful way of life. You have created TI
but I have not seen it used to give theosophy a real presence in cyberspace.
Forget Adyar and all the negative connotations you have covered it with and
start something new. Give the wandering seeker a place to find good articles
to read, brotherliness(read sisterliness too) to respond to and create a
place of welcome. I decided not to continue with the steady daily diet of
gloom and negativity that theos-l offered. I was looking for theosophy when I
joined and for 8 months I kept hoping that the little bits that appeared
would increase but it didn't happen so sadly I left.
Theos-l doesn't have to be like that. It can be anything the participants
make it. If you all want it to be a non event then that's what it will be and
I am sure the powers that be won't shed any tears over the failure of TI to
make an impact in the world at large.
TS can only be changed from within by members dedicated to a vision of a
different way of doing things. Shouting at Radha over the Internet seems to
me to be doomed to failure as she may not even be listening. So much energy
wasted when it could be turned to a constructive use for furthering theosophy
on the Internet.
We are lucky here in NZ that we have 14 Lodges and 1663 members and a
national body that believes that the Lodges are TSNZ. As president of
Wanganui Lodge, I drive 450 kms each way to Auckland four times a year to
attend the Exec meetings along with the rest of the presidents who are able
to make it. Our travel expenses are paid by HQ so to make sure that all
decisions are approved by all Lodge representatives. Some have to come a lot
further than I do. We conduct our business on Sat afternoon and on Sun
morning we discuss Lodge problems and how we may help each other to function
more effectively. We all know each other fairly well so noone is too shy to
say what is on their mind. The National President cannot make any real
decision without the ok from the exec meetings so we all know what is going
on. Some of us may not approve of everything but the majority vote is
Therefore you see not all TS happennings are negative and I realise that NZ
is a different setting than USA.
After all that I shall take myself and my flu virus back to bed and hope my
computer won't say nasty things to me next time I log in to see who is

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