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TSA/Adyar -- bad Karma

Jun 17, 1996 08:12 PM
by John E. Mead

>One method would be to open a vortex and throw all the TSA karma into it.

i totally agree.  dump it in the vacuum of thought.  maybe we can then be ride of it.  after all,...  how many hundreds of years are we to still grump about the AB and CWL stuff??  who even cares??

>course you never quite know what comes out of one of those things, but it
>would at least be interesting.
>If all goes well a group of us will be doing a vortex ritual at the
>convention in July.  That should make things entertaining at the very least.
> The one we did at the Nutmeg Gathering this last Friday attracted a bat, a
>lunar moth, (two things rarely if ever seen in the Chicago suburbs) every
>mosquito in Illinois, a police car with one very befuddled officer, and
>mysteriously appearing objects in participants hotel rooms.
>Objects also mysteriously disappeared, my furnace went berserk at home and
>one of our people became bothered by an obsessing activated shell that had to
>be exorcised.  We now have a bottle of distilled pure evil from the exorcism,
>so if you know of anyone who could use some...
>The TSA needs more excitement.

actually I was baiting you :-)

I have seen many disputes.  but the serious question still remains as to what to do with them all.

forming a brotherhood of mankind??    who needs to do WHAT to resolve the various differences??  what do we do to make peace ??
does adyar need to state that CWL and AB are frauds,  but many of their writings are valid??  I would probably read the statement and just throw it away as i do most junk-mail.

I ask only questions.  who can answer.  what is the work which needs to be done??  can you make a list of items which adyar/TSA can perform to appease the critics?  where does the organization become more important than the members?

most members do not care. the TSA has lost itself within its own disputes.

if we can not realize a brotherhood between ourselves,  how can we proceed to achieve it in the real world?  i.e.  what can we do to resolve our differences in this very local medium?

peace -

john e. mead

John E. Mead
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