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Re: The Spirit of Theosophy

Jun 17, 1996 08:38 AM
by Bjorn Roxendal

At 03:36 AM 6/17/96 -0400, Alexis wrote:

>The Swede claims to have
>left Communism when he experienced a "religious conversion", oh well, that's
>no improvement!

Alexis is misqouting me, probably on purpose. I never used the words
"religious conversion". Here is what I wrote

>Also, for the record, I have actively been fighting communism since my
>spiritual "conversion".

I would suspect that even Alexis has to admit that there is a difference
between "spiritual" and "religious". Organized religion, as I knew it at the
time, seemed to me to be a gathering place for those who chose to be
deceived. My "spiritual conversion" was an awakening, a realization, a
sudden and lasting perception of consciousness being everywhere present.
Before that time I could see nothing but matter. In my conception of life
matter was the ultimate reality and science was my "religion" (although I
would have been very angry if anyone had pointed that out). After my
"conversion" I saw everything as expression of consciousness, and the
absolute foundation of existence as absolute, unmanifest consciousness. I
even started to call this formless, ultimate reality "God". Since communism
is very materialistic (someone could dispute this and say "satanistic") in
its world view I had to let go of it and soon even came to the realization
that it denies (or at least tries to deny) the opportunity of spiritual
evolution to its "victims".

If Alexis (and Chuck), even after this explanation, likes to condemn or
ridicule me for my "Communist past", so be it. I would not be surprised.


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