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Re: Ruminations

Jun 17, 1996 08:57 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Alexis to Martin:
>For instance in our past correspondence I have stated that I do not accept
>the Orthodox Theosophical view of Karma, to which you responded by saying
>that in that case, I obviously didn't believe in Justice. Now I don't see
>any connection between justice and Karma. How do you propose we have an
>amicable discussion ( for that is definitely my goal) on that basis?

	Personally, I don't believe in "universal justice" either.  Justice
is a feeling that we human beings have, a sense of fairness.  Animals
do not have this feeling at all.  Nor does anything except human beings.
Our sense of fairness, and our desire for justice, will cause us to create
a God, if one doesn't exist.  Because there is obviously no justice in this
world, we create two new worlds, call them Heaven and Hell, and hope
that everyone will have justice there, after death here.  Or, we create the
notion of karma, and believe that we are all punished or rewarded for
actions in our past lives.  Now I can see no difference at all between
these two.  They serve as excuses for the fact that there is no justice
in the world, and we would all like to think that justice exists somewhere.
Well, it does.  Its right here in our own minds, and no where else.
Karma is causality, the law of cause and effect, and nothing more.
Karma, like Mother Nature, could care less about  justice.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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