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Re: Core Teachings (to Dan)

Jun 17, 1996 08:57 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>  We hear so much talk against core theosophy yet I seldom see anyone
>> point out alternatives with the supporting arguments, etc.
>Daniel ...

Well, I have made my own views very plain over the years,
both here and on Peacenet.  My feeling is that the core
teachings as given out, are exoteric and simplistic--
suitable perhaps for Joe Sixpack, but covering over
many deeper and more esoteric meanings.  I am not
sure, but I think Eldon agrees with me on this.  My premise,
basically, is that reincarnation and karma, for an example
of core teachings, are a whole lot more complicated than
what we find in the literature.  The problem is that the
literature appears to contain step-by-step processes
and descriptions, and would seem to have addressed
karma and reincarnation in depth.  My view is that this
is an illusion.  Karma is *not* rewards and punishments--
this is merely how we as human beings perceive it.
Karma is causality, the same causality that we find
in physics with the exception of its application on other
planes rather than just the physical.  And causality (order)
has "holes" in it, which I call the Chaos Factor.  Karma
also must be seen as both individual and collective,
and the collective part works on the mental level under
very complicated telepathic stategems that we only
barely recognize.  All of the other core teachings are
the same way.  They appear to be completely discussed
in the literature, but this is simply not so; they are all
much more complicated than they appear when put
into words.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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