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Re: Review of what Dr. M., A.D. and D. DeG.: an Apology?

Jun 13, 1996 00:29 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 06:02 PM 6/12/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I will gladly give to you an apology.  But there was no intention to
>insult you.  Notice that I also said "Mr. Dolgorukii."  I should have
>just called everyone by their last name!  Please don't be offended.
>I even said I agreed with everything you had written!  Late last night
>I was trying to cut and paste all of this together from 5 different
>messages and trying to spell everybody's names right.  I even
>had to go back to previous messages and look up the correct
>spelling of your last name as well as Mueckler's (Dr. that is!).  There
>was no intention to insult you; I was focusing all my attention on
>Dr. M.'s contentions.  You can address me as Caldwell anyday of
>the week.  I just hate to be called Mr. Caldwell!

Apology gladly and very happily accepted. You must remember that I was
brought up far more formally than most folks and I am relatively
old-fashioned in my views on what is polite etc. American's constantly drive
me wild!
>Do you have a hair trigger temper?

Volcanic! But it's just as awful as my fourth cousins' Though not as bad as
our mutual ancestor Ivan the Terrible's. My Mother, on the other hand, who's
HPB's third Cousin puts both HPB and Me in the shade. Her temper is nuclear!
She's 90 years old and hasn't mellowed a hair!
>P.S.  Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, what is P.J.'s opinion of me?  :  )   :  )

To be honest I'd have to say "not so good" and that's an understatement. He
really thinks you hate him. But you surely know this.

P.S. Sorry I "went off", but on occasion I do. My furies are like summer
squalls, "all sound and fury, signifying nothing", I am quick to anger and
quicker to forgive.

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