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Re: Review of what Dr. M., A.D. and D. DeG.: an Apology?

Jun 12, 1996 02:54 PM
by Blavatsky Foundation

I will gladly give to you an apology.  But there was no intention to
insult you.  Notice that I also said "Mr. Dolgorukii."  I should have
just called everyone by their last name!  Please don't be offended.
I even said I agreed with everything you had written!  Late last night
I was trying to cut and paste all of this together from 5 different
messages and trying to spell everybody's names right.  I even
had to go back to previous messages and look up the correct
spelling of your last name as well as Mueckler's (Dr. that is!).  There
was no intention to insult you; I was focusing all my attention on
Dr. M.'s contentions.  You can address me as Caldwell anyday of
the week.  I just hate to be called Mr. Caldwell!

Do you have a hair trigger temper?


P.S.  Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, what is P.J.'s opinion of me?  :  )   :  )

>>[The above comments were reposted on theos-l (a theosophical discussion
>>list).  I give below a few comments by Alexis Dolgorukii on Dr. Mueckler's
>>above statements and Dr. Don DeGracia's replies to what Mr. Dolgorukii
>>had written.  Alexis Dolgorukii wrote]:

>>[Dr. Don DeGracia  replies to Dolgorukii]:
>And now I really have to register a complaint about the rudeness of the
>Blavatsky Foundation and it's personator Daniel Caldwell:
>In a bracketed line above [Dr.Don DeGracia replies to Dolgorukii.}
>Mr.Caldwell in his impersonation of "The Blavatsky Foundation" commits a
>fairly socially barbarous act. It is an act of extreme disrespect to refer
>to one person by their unmodified last name (viz. "Dolgorukii") while
>referring to another person by full name and title (viz: Dr. Don De Gracia)
>I strongly resent the implications of total disrespect and would like to see
>an apology. I am beginning to think that Paul Johnson is perfectly correct
>in his opinion regarding Daniel Caldwell.
>alexis Dolgorukii

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