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Re: Theosophy in Cyberspace

Jun 12, 1996 02:42 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In view of the serious nature of the situation, the Masters have called
for a meeting of the UN Security Council.  One of the Masters is
reported as saying the whole thing is a storm in a buried tea cup.

In message <>, JRC
<> writes
>On Tue, 11 Jun 1996 wrote:
>> THEOSOPHISTS IN SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> As you recall from the last time, several people at Olcott had eaten too many
>> beans and the resulting gas explosion propelled the building past the moon
>> out towards Mars.
>> Hearing of the disaster, Chuck and the Gang of Five boarded the Skylark of
>> Valeron, which they borrowed from the old science fiction writers' home for
>> decrepit plot lines and raced to the rescue only to find the headquarters
>> being attacked by the mad dogs of Sirius.
>Before they could get there, however, Olcott had already mounted a
>spirited defense - threatening the Sirian dogs with what is widely
>regarded as one of the most terrifying weapons in this galaxy: A
>Theosophical Summer Convention. The mad dogs at first fought valiantly,
>and seemed to be gaining ground when Olcott brought out the Big Gun - The
>Topic Announcement: "Reincarnation; I was Morya's gigglebunny in my last
>life". The dogs instantly fled and were last seen yelping towards the
>Andromeda galaxy. At which point Olcott immediately declared itself "a
>humble school of the mysteries in the Sirian system" and sued the nearest

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