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Re: Theosophy in Cyberspace

Jun 12, 1996 04:14 PM
by Drpsionic

As Olcott prepared to sue the Sirians they responded by calling forth the
Master Jesus, who took the form of Sai Bababooey and deluged the orbiting
building with ashes, causing several staff members to wonder is someone was
repeating a previous incarnation and burning the books again.
At this point, the Gang of Five had finally figured out how to get the
Skylark of Valeron running (they had to crank start it like an ancient Model
T) and went racing towards Sirius with psionic disruptors armed and kundalini
blasters ready.  These proved unnecessary as when it was discovered who was
firing the ashes, an holographic projection was fired of a man holding a
hammer and nails.  The Master Jesus took one look at the projection, shouted
"Not that again!" and disappeared back through his hole in the space-time

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