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Followup on disclosure of vote tally details

Jun 11, 1996 11:18 AM
by ramadoss


Here is a reply I FAXed to John Algeo in response to a letter I received
from him. Later today I will post John's letter as I do not have it handy at
this time.



June 10, 1996 2:52 PM

John Algeo
National President
Theosophical Society in America
Wheaton IL

Dear Brother:

	I have received your letter of June 6, 1996 mailed by you by USPS and thank
you for the same.

	I am very glad to note your statement "You will be pleased to know and I am
pleased to be able to tell you that the information you want is on its way
to you." I hope it will be expedited and it will reach me in the next one or
two days.

	In my letter of June 5, 1996, I discussed the question of member's access
to Books and Records of TSA by a member in good standing or the member's
agent for any purpose. This issue is bound to come up again. The question is
just when?

	Already several weeks of correspondence has taken place on the question of
unrestricted released of election tally information details, and in my
opinion, valuable time could have been saved if the implication of the
Illinois Non Profit Law had been looked into in January 1996 itself when I
brought it up. So I would, now, request you to look into the matter and
quickly come up with an equitable protocol or procedure for full access to
TSA books and records for any purpose to any member in good standing and/or
his/her agent in compliance with the Illinois Non Profit Corporation Act.
Developing such protocol/procedure will help TSA to quickly respond to any
future requests that may be received from any member of TSA. It will be
appreciated if you can arrange to address this immediately in letting me
know the progress in the matter and the details of procedure/protocol as
soon is it is finalized.

	Thanks for again your quotes from AFM. I enjoy quotes from AFM as well as
from J. Krishnamurti as his later teachings have immensely helped me clarify
Theosophical principles and applying them in my daily life.

	I hope you can provide me with a (1) a quick response to this letter and
(2) by FAX.

	With regards and fraternal greetings,


M K Ramadoss

================== end of message ============

	Peace to all living beings.

	M K Ramadoss

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