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Re: Theosophy in Cyberspace

Jun 11, 1996 09:49 PM
by JRC

On Tue, 11 Jun 1996 wrote:
> THEOSOPHISTS IN SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> As you recall from the last time, several people at Olcott had eaten too many
> beans and the resulting gas explosion propelled the building past the moon
> out towards Mars.
> Hearing of the disaster, Chuck and the Gang of Five boarded the Skylark of
> Valeron, which they borrowed from the old science fiction writers' home for
> decrepit plot lines and raced to the rescue only to find the headquarters
> being attacked by the mad dogs of Sirius.

Before they could get there, however, Olcott had already mounted a
spirited defense - threatening the Sirian dogs with what is widely
regarded as one of the most terrifying weapons in this galaxy: A
Theosophical Summer Convention. The mad dogs at first fought valiantly,
and seemed to be gaining ground when Olcott brought out the Big Gun - The
Topic Announcement: "Reincarnation; I was Morya's gigglebunny in my last
life". The dogs instantly fled and were last seen yelping towards the
Andromeda galaxy. At which point Olcott immediately declared itself "a
humble school of the mysteries in the Sirian system" and sued the nearest

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