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Re: FAQ - Theosophy

Jun 11, 1996 09:29 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Kay Konstantin, a Theosophist from Russia make this very interesting
comment on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - a terminology widely
used in cyberspace. If anyone has ASCII file of the Key to T, we can
post it as a series of posts and it is likely to be widely read. Each
message can have names and addresses of Theosophy organizations where
interested individuals can contact by phone, e-mail or  snailmail. I
just posted the following in alt.theosophy

In alt.theosophy, (M K Ramadoss) wrote:

>A very perceptive Theosophist from Russia mentioned that Key to
>Theosophy by H P Blavatsky is the world's first FAQ.

>I think Key to Theosophy is available in ASCII format. We can try to
>upload it as a series of FAQ and it would be very helpful and widely

>Anyone any ideas?


>Peace to all living beings.

Peace to all living beings.

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