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H P Blavatsky in Tibet

Jun 12, 1996 09:23 PM
by M K Ramadoss


 Here is some very interesting news relating to HPB's visit to
 Tibet. It is excerpted from Ergates, June 1996 issue.

 H.P.B. in Tibet
 By a student in San Franciso

 In December of 1993 a remarkable Tibetan teacher visited the
 United States. Tulku Kalzang Rinpoche, a high lama in Eastern
 Tibet, suffered froma medical condition that was best addressed
 by physicians in Palo Alto, California. The Chinese government
 allowed him two months to seek treatment. Unfortunately, Kalzang
 Rinpoche had another mission which he could not complete in so
 short a time: he was looking for the reincarnation of H. P.
 Blavatsky. Her master, Kalzang Rinpoche claimed, was his uncle.

 Kalzang Rinpoche is the abbot of Dzogchen monstery in Kham
 province, which is in Eastern Tibet. While in the U.S. he sent
 inquiries to the Theosophical Society in America and attempted
 to make contact with other Theosophists, but apparently no one
 at that time was able to help him. Recently, however, several
 Theosophists have learned of Kalzang Rinpoche's visit, and are
 attempting to get more information.

 According to Kalzang Rinpoche, a Tibetan scholar, Gendro Zundap,
 deceased now some forty years, wrote about H.P.B.'s visit to
 Tibet. Gnedro Zundap wrote that H.P.B. was trained by a Lama,
 "Mora," received an important transmission, and that when Lama
 "Mora" died he was reincarnated in Tibet. Kalzang Rinpoche,
 relying on the work of this Tibetan scholar, hoped to find in
 the West the teachings which his uncle Mora gave to H.P.B., and
 to learn more about her life and work.

 It is obvious that, if true, this information will have vast
 consequences for how Theosophy will be perceived by many in the
 West. Currently, most scholars belive that H.P.B. invented the
 *Stanzas of Dzyan* which form the basis of her *Secret
 Doctrine*. Most biographers of H.P.B. doubt that she ever went
 to Tibet, and claim that either she made up her Masters, or that
 H.P.B. was a trance medium who conjured Them spiritualistically.

 In fact there are historical records in the Tibetan language
 that H.P.B. visited Tibet and received training by an important
 Tibetan Buddhist lama, scholars (and eventually the public) will
 be forced to take H.P.B. much more seriously. Many people will
 also have to reconsider H.P.B.'s claim that there exists in fact
 a "brotherhood" of Adepts living beyond the Himalayas and
 preserving the Wisdom Religion. In short, this discovery could
 revolutionize the future course of Theosophy in the world.

 Currently a small team of Theosophists from various traditions
 is working on bringing Kalzang Rinpoche back the United States (with
Chinese permission), so that the Tibetan documents which
 he has may be translated into English and examined very
 carefully. Especially important would be Tibetan records of what
 exactly H.P.B. was taught by Lama "Mora," using which texts, and
 whether the originals of the *Stanzas of Dzyan* exist in Tibet

 "Dzyan," itself a Tibetan word, is apparently a transliteration
 the Sanskrit "Jnana," both of which mean "spiritual wisdom." It
 seems resonable to hope that the complete text of the *Stanzas
 of Dzyan*, from which H.P.B. made extracts, should turn up
 sooner or later in or around Tibet. In the meantime *Ergates*
 will keep its readers updated as events unfold.

 Excerpt from *Ergates* - June 1996

Peace to all living beings.

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