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RE: OOBEs are NOTHING BUT hallucinations: Especially directed to Don G. Alexis D

Jun 05, 1996 11:12 PM
by alexis dolgorukii


I thank you greatly for that long and informative posting. My reaction to
Dr. Mueckler? Well it is primarily that he is being dishonest, both with us,
and with himself. There is far more here than he admits to. What it may be I
have no idea but there is far too much bitterness displayed in his arguments
than is normally displayed in scientific converse. Also, it seems to me,
that he has lost (if he ever had any) all of the objectivity he brags about.

Mueckler spends a great deal of time talking about his analyzing himself and
his experiences because no one else was qualified to do so. Are you familiar
with the old joke in legal circles that "The man who serves as his own
Lawyer has a fool for a client"...well it holds just as true in
psychoanalysis. "The Man who serves as his own analyst has a fool for an
analyst". I think Mueckler is striving for social acceptance in the
anthropocentric-materialistic circles he has decided he wishes to join, and
has created a kind of self-hypnosis to convince himself that he, and they,
are correct. They aren't, and you know that better than most people. He has
joined what has to be defined as a "fundamentalist-materialist" group and
they've circled the wagons against "The New Irrationality".

This is the same crowd that refuses to look at the evidence for
paranormality, and the same crowd that refuses to look at any evidence at
all indicating that "animals" have feelings or are capable of thought. They
are just as bigoted and angry as the Christian Right. The problem with these
materialists is that they are just as much a religion as the fundies.


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