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OOBEs are NOTHING BUT hallucinations:

Jun 05, 1996 07:30 PM
by Alan

What a strange discussion!

I have had a number of OOB experiences.  I have found no *evidence* to
suggest that any of them were anything other than what they appeared to
be.  I have also left my body in full and continuous consciousness from
laying down to going out and coming back again.  This was my criterion
for establishing that the experience was valid and genuine experience,
and no kind of dream.  For me, this subject is Q.E.D.

The answer to the validity of such experiences is to have some and
decide for yourself.  Theories are just that, and only of practical
value when they approximate to the evidence.  At best they are reliable
working hypotheses.

Theory (based upon evidence): Eating keeps you alive.

Test.  Stop eating, and see what happens.

Theory: Humans have free will.

Test. Try not to wake up again next time you go to sleep.  Decide to
stop breathing.

Alan :-|
Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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