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Re: Of wolves and a man.

Jun 03, 1996 10:12 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

Alexis, I find this little letter from you quite unusual, and, flavorful.
Hope you don't mind that I print it out and show it to my wife.

>>Absolutely doddering, Bjorn, absolutely doddering! But luckily, I have
>inherited interesting genetics for longevity, all of my family (when we
>don't get murdered) live well into their ninth decade. My Mother is 90 and
>going very strong! Of all my relations, HPB died at the youngest age. In
>fact I am older than HPB when she died.
>The interesting thing about my temper (and it's exactly like HPB's in this
>regard) is it's like a summer squall...all thunder and lightning..and soon
>past! I never stay mad, and I never hold grudges.
>Wolves you know are evolutionarily some six million years old, and they are
>extraordinarily psychic. If you display anger in their presence they either
>attack (if they think they can win) or flee. In living with, and working
>with, a wolf (mine weighs 95 pounds) any emotion other than joy,
>playfulness, and love, must be not simply controlled, but entirely absent.
>They must also know that you can master them physically and never soubt it
>for a moment. My Wolf weights 95 pounds. It has been an incredible challenge
>and an even more incredible experience. When one is loved by a Wolf, one
>begins to know what love can actually be!

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