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Re: re: CWL

Jun 03, 1996 10:09 PM
by Martin Leiderman

On the CWL subject, my experience is that many new people come to our Lodge
(Spanish speaking) because they read first CWL, and they are facinated by
If CWL's effect on people is one of mystery and wonder, and push them to
cross tamas or inertia to get involve in spirituality . . . I think is
In my case, I was a teenager when I read The Third Eye, by L. Rampa. I care
less if he did what he said . . . the point is he brought me to the New
Acropolis and then to the Theosophical Society and I am still searching.
Books and influence  like that is better that a bad TV program, IMHO.

I always ask myself, if I go to India and select one individual to be the
World Teacher and I choose one like Krishnaji . . . alas! what are the
odds??? . . . what do you think Ramadoss, my brother.

Martin Leiderman, a Theosophist

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