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Re: To Bjorn

Jun 03, 1996 09:10 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

At 01:34 AM 6/4/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear brother Bjorn,

>In the Platonic way, we are here, as friends to share the knowledge and
>tools we have learnt in this life and the wisdom we brought with us + the
>one we are able to transmute . . . all that may be powered by the sharing
>of ideas, so we do not have to rediscover everything again.


I agree so totally with this. Personally I have a lot of respect for people
and religious movements etc that I don't agree with and never would
contemplate joining. The Mormons, for example. Many wonderful people there,
with high moral standards.

Or some "plain" christians. I know of such individuals that I consider far
more advanced spiritually than myself, or most more spiritually "illumined"
people I know. Universal brotherhood can not be built on what we know and
what concepts we have, but only on compassion with all life.

>I am most interested in knowing what you have to say about what tools and
>knowledge you got to share

As I just posted a private email to Liesel to the group, by mistake, I am
already starting. Since I did so, I'd like to say that this open heart to
heart sharing is difficult when you know that you are likely to be stabbed
in the back because of what you say. That's why I suggested moderation. Now
that this is not an option we will see how we can do, the rules being what
they are.

My path is primarily karma yoga and bahkti yoga. I enjoy philosophy and
metaphysical studies, too, but find that it is more meaningful for me to
engage in service than to spend a lot of time discussing doctrine, including
the wonderful theosophical teachings. There is so much work to do to save
this planet!

Meditation, of course, is very important also. I think what most of us need
is a basic understanding of cosmic law and then application and experience.
This is likely to help us balance karma at the fastest rate. My meditation
experiences strengthen and inspire me more than anything. When I feel the
Presence of the Indwelling Godhead - I AM - everything else is put into
perspective, maya loses it grip on me.

>and in exchange I would do the same,
>and I am
>sure others will chip in.

If it is possible, in this group, to get a more personal perspective on the
spiritual path from active and lurkers alike that would make me very happy.

Your brother on the path

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