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Response to JRC's posting

Jun 03, 1996 08:04 PM
by kymsmith

Dear JRC,

Please excuse me if I have misunderstood your treatise on The First Object;
but I took it to be saying we need to 'establish' this 'nucleus' or 'core'.
. . and how this subject seems to be ignored in current Theosophical writings.

However, my understanding is, from the beginning, The First Object had
already been accomplished; the seed (nucleus) has already been formed; it is
the "I AM."  Theosophy is not the 'nucleus,' simply the translater of it
into forms in which the physical mind can contemplate on and learn from.  We
are already a "family" (although, disturbingly, that term implies implicit
heirarchy - adults over children, leaders over followers).  Whether we
choose as societies to recognize we are family, it does not make it Not So.
Truth is Truth, no matter what we believe or think it is.

Every philosophy or religion thinks they are the ones "handed an
'opportunity' to accomplish a remarkable task on behalf of the spiritual
kingdom on this planet." The problem is that some 'religions' have the
"gift" of communicating in a language the "common" people understand -
regardless of whether their teachings are 'correct' or not.  People will
believe or follow what they think they understand.  Theosophical literature
and writings are notorious (past and present) for expressing thoughts and
ideas in ways too complex, wordy, and, blatantly arrogant to allow or
provide for the 'seed' to become planted in those who may wish to explore
Theosophy, those who want to find a different way.  Although I adore Ms.
Blavatsky, she too was guily of arrogance in her writings.
Perhaps it is a subconscious way for 'us' to keep 'it' to ourselves, not
wanting to let go of such a perfect pearl.  This doesn't make us bad, just a
bit more 'human' than perhaps some of us would care to admit.

Yes, you are correct.  Everything should be read and studied with the First
Object in mind.  We do need to study the minute things extensively too, for
we must be able to provide answers to the questions those seeking Theosophy
will ask; they will want to know details about reincarnation, karma, etc.
And so they should.  I have problems enough explaining the meaning of the
swastika in the emblem!

I am a university student (majoring in philsophy) and a published author,
and yet, I struggle often with even the most recent writings of Theosophy
(Quest Magazine is an example).  This is not to blow my own personal horn,
just to draw attention to the fact that most people out there have not had
the fortunate opportunities for an education I have - what obstacles must
they overcome in their quest for spiritual knowledge? Is Theosophy
contributing to their obstacles?

Please correct me if I have misunderstood you; nor take this as a 'personal
attack.' I, on the other hand, take everything personal, so be kind when or
if you respond to my diatribe. . .just kidding. . .well, maybe.

Thank you for your time,


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