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Re: Blind Men and the Elephant

Jun 03, 1996 08:22 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Jerry Schueler wrote:

> Doss:
> >I have been trying to make Theosophy practical in the sense that I
> >try to apply the ideal of Universal Brotherhood to help any man(woman) or
> >any other entity that I can help. So I feel there is a practical side to
> >Theosophy.
> 	In a large sense, I agree with you completely.  However,
> Christians learn in Church to turn the other cheek, and to return
> hate with love, and so on.  Many try to put that into practice.  Are
> you implying that we all basically all on the same Path?  Could
> you tell me what the difference is, in your view, between
> theosophical altruism and any other practicing Christian or
> other religious person?  The reason that I bring this up, Doss, is
> that altruism, to me, is a given, and very first step that we all
> should have learned in Church before coming into Theosophy.
> I would hope that a theosophist  is a cut above the average
> religious person because a theosophist has Knowledge
> that the Christian or Jew or Mulsim doesn't have.  I guess
> what I am suggesting here, is that maybe there is more to
> being a practicing theosophist than merely being altruistic (?).

	I am just a novice and as such it is possible there is more to
Theosophy than altruism. At this stage I am quite happy and contended with
being  altruistic towards anyone and everyone without distinction of
caste creed race sex or color.

	May be different strokes for different people.


> 	Jerry S.
> 	Member, TI

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