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Re: Blind Men and the Elephant

Jun 03, 1996 05:34 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>I have been trying to make Theosophy practical in the sense that I
>try to apply the ideal of Universal Brotherhood to help any man(woman) or
>any other entity that I can help. So I feel there is a practical side to

	In a large sense, I agree with you completely.  However,
Christians learn in Church to turn the other cheek, and to return
hate with love, and so on.  Many try to put that into practice.  Are
you implying that we all basically all on the same Path?  Could
you tell me what the difference is, in your view, between
theosophical altruism and any other practicing Christian or
other religious person?  The reason that I bring this up, Doss, is
that altruism, to me, is a given, and very first step that we all
should have learned in Church before coming into Theosophy.
I would hope that a theosophist  is a cut above the average
religious person because a theosophist has Knowledge
that the Christian or Jew or Mulsim doesn't have.  I guess
what I am suggesting here, is that maybe there is more to
being a practicing theosophist than merely being altruistic (?).

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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