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To Bjorn

Jun 03, 1996 10:22 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Dear brother Bjorn,

I notice certain pleasure in answering to Alexis the way you do.
I think is more productive to the list if we all share the best of us, and
no responding to the worst of us.
In the Platonic way, we are here, as friends to share the knowledge and
tools we have learnt in this life and the wisdom we brought with us + the
one we are able to transmute . . . all that may be powered by the sharing
of ideas, so we do not have to rediscover everything again.

I am most interested in knowing what you have to say about what tools and
knowledge you got to share and in exchange I would do the same, and I am
sure others will chip in.
Theosophy distills the essence of the Truth by sharing it. The result is
not Truth itself, but we are closer by understanding better or by knowing
what is not.

Your brother, Martin Leiderman, just a Theosophist

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