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"Isis Unveiled" question

Jun 02, 1996 00:05 AM
by kymsmith

I have begun reading "Isis Unveiled," finding it a wonderful and fascinating
read, although I have to have a dictionary lying next to me during these
reading sessions.  I think this monograph will require many repeat readings
in order to better understand it.  "The Secret Doctrine" is of course next -
although it too looks daunting.

Am I understanding "correctly" when Ms. Blavatsky states that incarnation
into the physical more than once is an exception, rather than the rule?
That surprised me; I have read a bit about theosophy but hadn't come across
that viewpoint.  I had read that Theosophy espouses to long periods (over
1000 years) between incarnations, but that would allow for many more
incarnations than one or two.  Yet, also, the long period of rest between
incarnations seems to go against Eastern philosophy which accepts even
immediate re-incarnations.

Is there a publication or source which could help clarify or suggest a
consensus to these philosophies?  Perhaps I am premature in my confusion -
will this be addressed in "The Secret Doctrine?"

Thank You,


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