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Re: More Sheep vs Wolves

Jun 01, 1996 08:10 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>You must be kidding. I am sure that the victims that have been torn apart by
>their fangs and claws would not agree. I see that there are many considerate
>and loving people on this list, of course, and I think their right to
>freedom of expression is violently being encroached upon by the not so kind
>"wolves", who even seem to be PROUD of their ability to hurt others.

	Bjorn, please read my "wolves vs sheep" post for some insight
into this problem.  Yes, its true.  Wolves are proud of their actions.  Do
you know why?  Of course you don't.   Its because sheep need shock
therapy at times.  When a wolf lashes out at a sheep, especially a
theosophical one, he (or she) would expect to be met with love and
compassion--is this not what Theosophy teaches, and is this not what
you have been reading and studying about for lo these many years?
Well, John Meade's endless patience bears testimony to his
theosophical prowess.  If you were in charge, your compassion-less
nature would have booted Alexis and Chuck into another network (for
their own good, doubtless).
	Theos-l is a battleground my friend.  Its a bloody battle
between some pretty mean wolves and some pretty hard-headed
sheep.  Ask Eldon, a well-meaning sheep, whom most of us
wolves have come to respect over time simply because he can't
be felled, try as we may.  But he, at least, answers the fang and
claw with compassion (usually) and tolerance (most of the time).
I suspect he is a better sheep for it.  Anyway, he wants to remain
a sheep, and has no desire whatever to become wolfish, and even
ignores wolfish tendencies when they subtly enter his thoughts.
I admit, he has most of us wolves confounded and circling our
wagons.  He is a formidable foe, and his postings are being
listened to by other sheep (doubtless by those who lurk as well)
which make our task doubly difficult.
	But most sheep are not as bright as Eldon, and they lash
back at us with as much invective as a wolf (and here maybe is the
way of their conversion, don't you think?).  Because sheep that run
away, or sheep that cry FOUL in the night against our attacks,
are sheep that are not ready for wolf-dom yet anyway, and are
certain to remain sheep for at least seven more lifetimes before
another chance like theos-l comes along for them.
	Think about it.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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