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Re: Hynpotism

Jan 01, 1996 10:47 AM
by bbrown

>> There should be some way to protect yourself from your mother or anybody
>>else who can sap your energy. I recall that an individual can build a shell
>>which protects in such cases. Such draw of energy is one kind of vampirism.
>Vampirism is exactly what one psychic called it. I'd like to hear more from
>anyone about building a shell. I sure could use one considering that I'm so
>sensitive to energies.
>Ann E. Bermingham
I believe one way to do it is to imagine a cocoon of light around oneself
with the intention of using it as a screen. I find being aware of the
possibility of being vampirised and having strong intentions in the mind to
not allow that to happen can be sufficient to minimise the energy draw-off.
I also think that shields work both ways and I try not to enclose myself as
it accentuates 'separateness' which is not what theosophy is about. I would
rather avoid vampires if I can and if I can't then I strenghten my resolve
not to let them sap me and strong thoughts like that communicates to the
vampire and they actually back off as if they had read my mind. Most of
don't realise just how we can affect our life with thought. I see magic as
using the thought world to manifest in the material world which then makes
magic actually something we all do the same as miracles are only so because
we do not understand the law of nature that caused it.
Being sensitive to energies is rather useful as it makes one more aware of
what is going on around the place and learning to read the energies makes it
possible to manipulate them. Once again magic.
Just a few thoughts on the subject. Hope they are magical useful to you.

Bee Brown
Member Theosophy International

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