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Re: Hypnotism/long reply

Jan 01, 1996 02:04 AM
by MK Ramadoss

At 035900 PM 1/1/96 -0500 Bee wrote:

Glad you posted the msg. Sometimes one cannot explain in few sentences. So
long msgs are ok. At least we are not using up Trees!!


>>> There should be some way to protect yourself from your mother or anybody
>>>else who can sap your energy. I recall that an individual can build a shell
>>>which protects in such cases. Such draw of energy is one kind of vampirism.
>>Vampirism is exactly what one psychic called it. I'd like to hear more from
>>anyone about building a shell. I sure could use one considering that I'm so
>>sensitive to energies.
>>Ann E. Bermingham
>How coincidental. I just opened the GdeP book I am reading and lo and behold
>just the right info so please excuse the length but I thought it was very
>appropriate and interesting.
>the Esoteric Tradition Page 652.
>"the thoughts that we think in one incarnation affect us powerfully because
>of karmic reaction in the next incarnation and indeed in all succeeding
>reimbodiments. It is by and through thoughts speaking generally that we
>grow unfold which means evolve. We think thoughts and we are affected
>impressed by them strongly or weakly as the case may be. they stamp
>themselves indelibly upon the fabric of our being of our consciousness. We
>are like a wonderful magical picture-gallery in all parts of our
>constitution visible and invisible. Our entire constitutional being both
>as a whole and its parts is like an immensely sensitive photographic film
>constantly renewed and constantly receiving and retaining impressions - in
>one sense like a palimpsest writing-material manuscript receiving
>imprint upon imprint each imprint remaining indelibly and yet being
>magically modified although overlaid by all succeeding imprints. Everything
>that passes in front of the 'film' is instantly stamped upon it
>psycho-photographed; and the 'film is we. Each one of us is such a
>psycho-photographic 'film'; and it is thus that our characters are builded
>framed shaped and therefore of course affected by the thoughts that we
>think by the emotions that we experience by the passions that guide or
>misguide us and even by the actions that all these produce. It is of utmost
>importance therefore so to regulate especially our lower
>thinking-apparatus the inferior manasic faculty that the thoughts which we
>allow to travel through our monds leave behind them impressions of an
>elevating and permanent helpful kind.
>Thoughts are energies imbodied energies elemental energies. They do not
>originate in a man's mind. These elemental entities pass through the
>sensitive transmitting-apparatus which our mind is and each one of us
>colours the thoughts as they pass through our minds thus giving a new
>direction a new karmic impulse to them. No thought was ever created in a
>human brain. the inspirations of genius the loftiest productions of the
>human spirit simply come to us through lofty and great minds capacious
>channels which could transmit so sublime a flow.
>A man can become degenerate by constantly thinking low and degenerate
>thoughts; and contrariwise a man can raise himself to the gods by
>exercising his spiritual will and by coincidently opening his nature to
>receive impressions of only those inspiring lofty and sublime thoughts
>which leave impressions upon the fabric os our being of a kind which
>automatically themselves become active as an unceasing flow of inspiration;
>and he can bar the way to thoughts of the other kind so that they do not
>impress themselves upon him in any permanent manner.
>On the cosmic scale the mystical picture-gallery of eternity is the Astral
>Light; and there is a part of our constitution - in fact 99% of the totality
>of our constitution - which in modern Esoteric Theosophy is called the Auric
>Egg - which like every other portion of the human constitution is a perfct
>picture-gallery and of an amazing kind. To change the figure of speech: it
>is not only a receiving-station but a sending-station for inner
>'radio-signals' for 'radio-messages' of every kind.Everything that happens
>around us therefore is indelibly stamped upon the Auric Egg if we allow
>our consciousness to cognise and to receive the happenings. But by our will
>and inner magical processes that each one of us instinctively albeit
>mayhaps unconsciously follows we can strenghten the akasic barrier which
>automatically keeps out evil thoughts so that they make no lasting
>impression upon us; that is they find no harbor or lodgement in our being;
>amd consequently their effect on the Reincarnating Ego is virtually nil. But
>if we allow them to affect us the impression made reamins for eternity. It
>is indelibly stamped on the fabric of our consciousness and thereafter we
>have to work so to smooth over or modify or to spiritualize the
>impressions that when the automatic reproduction comes forth in the next
>rebirth it will do so no longer as a reproduced cause for evil-doing and in
>consequence will have little causal power in the new incarnation."
>Please excuse any typos but I am not a typist by nature.
>Bee Brown
>Member Theosophy International

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